New York Architecture Images- Building Types


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017  The Waldorf Astoria 018  The Manhattan Hotel 023- Astor Hotel 024-Savoy-Plaza Hotel 030- Wannamaker's
Downtown Athletic Club Building - Photo credit Carl Forster Pict0262.jpg (126524 bytes) 002.jpg (83341 bytes) The New York Palace Hotel with Villard Houses and courtyard
017 The Atrium

063 Downtown Athletic Club

064 Millenium Hilton Hotel

002 1 United Nations Plaza

010 Villard Houses
MID026-10.jpg (57133 bytes) 056a.jpg (38608 bytes) Historic New York Hotels in Midtown Manhattan

026 Vanderbilt Hotel

032 Waldorf-Astoria Hotel 046 St.Regis-Sheraton Hotel 056 The Plaza Hotel 059 Algonquin Hotel
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077 Hotel Martinique

105 Mariott Marquis Hotel

125B Westin Hotel

129 New Yorker Hotel

Upper East Side
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003-Ritz Tower 007-Sherry- Netherland Hotel 017-Hotel Pierre 020-Barbizon Hotel 022-Abigail Adams Smith Museum
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060-Hotel Carlyle        
Upper West Side
001-trump_international_top_closeup.jpg (37113 bytes) YMCA ANSONIA3.jpg (36403 bytes)
1 CPW- Trump International Hotel and Tower (001) 006-West Side YMCA 010-Hotel / Cafe des Artistes 020-Beacon Theater

031-Ansonia Hotel

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066-St Moritz Hotel (Ritz-Carlton) 067- The Level Club