new york architecture walks- Upper West Side


DAKOTA1.jpg (41096 bytes) Dakota Apartments 1 West 72nd Street, Henry Hardenbergh [1881-84]
LANGHAM3.jpg (32650 bytes) Langham Building 135 Central Park West, Clinton and Russell [1905]
SAN_REMO4.jpg (34401 bytes) San Remo Apartments 145-146 Central Park West, Emery Roth [1930]
KENILWORTH4.jpg (29145 bytes) The Kenilworth 151 Central Park West, Ralph Townsend, Steinle and Haskell, 1908
UNIV_CHURCH2.jpg (35591 bytes) Universalist Church of New York` 4 West 76th Street, William Potter [1898]
NY_HISTORICAL.jpg (44486 bytes) New York Historical Society 170 Central Park West, York and Sawyer [1908] and Walker and Gillette [1938]
museum_of_natural_history.jpg (18260 bytes) American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West between 77th and 81st Streets, Calvert Vaux and Jacob Mould [1872-7]; Cady, Berg and See [1892-8]; Charles Volz [1908]; Trowbridge and Livingston [1924, 1926 and 1933] and John Russell Pope [1936]
STUDIO2.jpg (29242 bytes) The Studio Building 44 West 77th Street, Harde and Short [1909]
ANSONIA3.jpg (36403 bytes) Ansonia Hotel 2109 Broadway, Graves and Duboy [1899-1904]
ROW_WESTEND.jpg (31579 bytes) Row Houses 341-357 West End Avenue, Lamb and Rich [1890-91]
COLLEGIATE_CHURCH2.jpg (35114 bytes) West End Collegiate Church West End Avenue at 77th Street, Robert Gibson [1891-2]
78_ROW.jpg (26802 bytes) Row Houses 301-307 West 78th Street, Frederick B. White [1884-6]
APTHORP4.jpg (31765 bytes) Apthorp Apartments 2111 Broadway, Clinton and Russell [1906-8]


The Upper West Side became the city's new residential quarter in late 19th and early 20th Century. Mostly, these homes were built for residents who worked downtown. The new elevated lines of the 1870s made it possible to develop this barren, rocky terrain into blocks of row houses, tenements and apartment houses for the very wealthy and for the working middle-class. The city's new quarter quickly attracted many established religious institutions that built grand buildings on important corner lots in an effort to outshine one another. Cultural institutions also blossomed in this new, elite section of the city. This walk will focus on different housing types, and the development of the multiple-dwelling building, from the tenement to the grand apartment house.