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Approximate Dates 1970 to the present
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015 One Union Square South. 060- 497 Greenwich St. 004 17 State St. 014 GOLDMAN-SACHS BUILDING 016 BROAD FINANCIAL CENTER
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061 World Financial Center

072 Battery Park City

075 Museum of Jewish Heritage

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083 1 Financial Square

084 55 Broadway

002 1 United Nations Plaza

012 885 Third Ave Lipstick Building 051 Takashimaya
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036 LVMH 037 Sony Building 099 Equitable Center

100 Worldwide Plaza

101 830 Eighth Ave
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106 Reuters Building

109 Conde Nast Building

124 Hearst Magazine Building 125A Bertelsmann Building   125B Westin Hotel
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125D Ernst & Young 151 425 LEXINGTON AVENUE BLDG 153 461 FIFTH AVENUE BLDG

160 425 5th Avenue

006 ILX Systems (Aetna)
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156 Time Warner Center

157 1 Bryant Park 002 Scholastic Building 006 Saatchi and Saatchi 063 Storefront for Art and Architecture
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049-Asia Society 075-1001 Fifth Ave 102-Asphalt Green 108-The Austrian Cultural Foundation 109-American Folk Art Museum
113- Richard Feigen Gallery  114- Apartment House
Style Definition
Postmodern architecture is a counter reaction to the the strict and almost universal modernism of the mid-20th century. It reintroduces elements from historical building styles, although usually without their high level of detail. Common features include columns, pyramids, arches, obelisks, unusual or attention-getting shapes and rooflines, and combinations of stone and glass on the facade.

Postmodernism ranges from conservative imitations of classical architecture to flamboyant and playfully outrageous designs. As the style became mainstream, many buildings with a modern form assimilated postmodern devices into small parts of their designs.

Among the original and most prototypically postmodern architects, Michael Graves & Associates is famous for its colorful and entertaining designs in architecture and other products. The firm of Johnson/Burgee Architects has designed some of the style's best known buildings, with an extremely wide variety of forms. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates is one of the most successful practices in history, with a portfolio of major postmodern buildings all over the world.

The breakdown of Modern (or Modernist) into component styles is a new phenomenon based on the concept that Modern as we know it today has its own internal history: beginning with the works of Louis Sullivan (the Condict Building on Bleeker Street) and Frank Lloyd Wright (best known here for his much later Guggenheim Museum); followed by Art Deco and Art Moderne and the Bauhaus and/or International Style as imported by Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (cf. the Seagram Building).