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Puck Building Landmark


Albert Wagner 


295-309 Lafayette St. 


[North portion 1885, South addition 1893]


Rundbogenstil (German round-arched neo-Romanesque)  





This Round-arched Style building was designed as a printing facility for the German-language magazine, Puck. The German-born architect provided the area south of Houston Street with a handsome industrial structure.
NYU gets Kaplan building, rest of Puck

Contributing Writer

NYU, one of the city's largest landowners, has acquired two new pieces of property: the top floors of the Puck Building at 295 Lafayette St., and 20 Cooper Square at East 5th Street, President John Sexton told the University Senate on April 15.

NYU, which signed a 15-year lease for three floors of the Puck Building in June 2003, has since been negotiating with the building's owner, Kushner Companies, to secure the rest of the building, Sexton said.

Despite Sexton's announcement at the Senate meeting, there remains some doubt that the university's deal with Kushner Companies is final, as university spokesman John Beckman wouldn't entirely confirm the acquisition.

"There are promising developments to expanding our presence in the Puck Building," Beckman wrote in an e-mail. "In addressing the issue at [the] Senate meeting, John Sexton was expressing his optimism about the future of the building."

The Wagner Graduate School of Public Service is slated to move into Puck's second and third floors on May 15, but plans for the rest of the building are up in the air. The journalism department was originally scheduled to move to Puck, but those plans were indefinitely halted after the university began a study into the overlap between the department, part of the College of Arts and Science, and the Steinhardt School of Education's culture and communications department.

Shonna Keogan, spokeswoman for the Faculty of Arts and Science, said that department is now considering relocating to Puck.

"We're conducting feasibility studies," Keogan said. "We're checking out the space to see how much there is and finding out what our space needs are to see if there's a good match."

NYU purchased 20 Cooper Square in late March from Colonnade Properties. The seven-story building has about 150,000 square feet, 32,250 of which are unoccupied and available to NYU immediately, Beckman said.

The university is still mulling how to use the building, Beckman said, but according to Community Board 2 District Manager Arthur Strickler, the zoning rules for Cooper Square do not allow educational institutions to have classrooms in that area.

While Strickler said NYU intends to apply for a change of zoning to allow for classroom use, Sergio Reyes, the building's superintendent, said the university plans to use the building for office space.

The building houses several companies, including the test-prep service Kaplan, the public affairs firm The Bravo Group, Kang and Lee Advertising, DiMassimo Brand Advertising and the marketing firm Mosaica, which occupy five floors.

Although the companies are under a lease, Reyes said he believes NYU will want the tenants to leave once their leases expire.

Yet representatives of The Bravo Group say they do not have any plans to relocate.

"We are satisfied with the space and the location, fully intend to honor the term of our lease and look forward to having NYU as our new landlord," said Daisy Expósito-Ulla, chairman and chief executive of The Bravo Group. •

Issue date: 04.27.2004

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