New York Architecture Images-  Park Slope, Brooklyn

Park Slope Historic District Landmark


generally along the S flank of Flatbush Ave. and Plaza St., and the W flank of Prospect Park W; W to Sixth Ave. N of Union St.; W to Seventh Ave. N of 4th St.; and W to Eighth Ave. N Of 15th St. W

  The first draft of the Historic District originally included only the park blocks. The Slope, emerging as the latest brownstone rediscovery of the upper middle class, was soon recognized as a precinct containing a rich fabric of row housing both within and beyond those initial arbitrary boundaries. The district finally designated reaches northwesterly from the park blocks to encompass part of the richness of Sixth Avenue between Berkeley and Sterling Places. And even with the expansion, good and great architecture thrives on the Slope outside the district lines.


  with thanks to "The AIA Guide to New York",