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Trump World Tower


Costas Kondylis & Associates


845 United Nations Plaza (First Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets)




Late Modern (International Style III)  "monolithic" old-style Miesian Modernism


48th tallest building in the world (tallest residential tower in the world)  Height: 881 ft (269 m), 72 floors


Apartment Building
  Trump World Tower is a residential skyscraper at 845 United Nations Plaza (First Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets) in Manhattan, New York City. Construction began in 1999 and concluded in 2001. Designed by Polish architect Marta Rudzka, the building is 262 meters high and has 72 constructed floors (but lists 90 stories on elevator panels) with curtain wall facades of dark, bronze-tinted glass. The resulting large windows allow for extensive views of the East River and midtown Manhattan. The building is constructed with concrete to improve its wind resistance.

Trump World Tower was the tallest building constructed in the western hemisphere between 1992 when Atlanta's Bank of America Plaza was finished and 2007 when the Comcast Center in Philadelphia and the New York Times Tower in New York were completed. It was the tallest all-residential tower in the world briefly, prior to the completion of the 21st Century Tower in Dubai (2003) and the Tower Palace Three in Seoul (2004).

Prior to construction, many neighbors, including Walter Cronkite, opposed the building due to its height and lack of distinguishing exterior features. Among the concerns was that this tower would dwarf the United Nations headquarters across the street.

The tallest of the handful of residential towers built by Donald Trump, it cost approximately $300 million to construct. Condo prices have relaxed to between $625,000 for a studio (there are only a small handful in the building) to $28,000,000+. The penthouse on the top 2 floors of the structure which totaled 20,000 square feet (1,858 m²) was priced at $58 million. This apartment, after failing to sell for years on end, was separated into four different units. Rentals from private owners are currently between $2800 and $3700 for studio units and $4600+ for 1 bedroom units (590-890 square feet).

In April 2006, an Asian fusion cuisine restaurant named Megu opened on the ground floor, which also houses a bar named The World Bar.

Appearances in television and movies
The building and some of its condominium units have been featured on NBC's The Apprentice, which features Donald Trump. It has also appeared on the NBC television show "Extra."

Media events
In 2003, Esquire Magazine held a charity event in the "Esquire Apartment." Besides Trump and his wife Melania, attendees included Uma Thurman, Daniela Pestova, Taye Diggs and Mark Burnett. Also in 2003, Trump World Tower was the site of the North American "sneak preview" of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren supercar, during which singer Beyoncé Knowles promoted the new luxury vehicle to American media.
  Built 1999-2001 to the East River waterfront as the world's tallest residential tower.
The building replaced the Modernist, 20-storey Engineering Societies Center (1961, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon) which had its tower offset from the base, leading to its perimeter wall columns doubling as pilotis on the south side.

The developer Donald Trump made a financing deal in which the South Korean Daewoo corporation provided $58.5 million against Trump's $6.5 million to get a $295 million loan from a German bank. As the earnings come in, Trump can expect to gain 50 percent of all profits above their investment.

The 262.5 m tall building has 72 high-ceilinged floors wrapped within facades of dark, bronze-tinted glass. Facing the river, the longer side of the slab unusually straddles the short front of the street block, at 44 meters making the east-west elevation staggeringly six times taller than its width.

The building has a concrete frame that was built exceptionally fast utilizing methods and equipment that allowed the two-day rotation of floor forming. The frame also forms the wind bracing in the form of shear walls and perimeter support bands.

There are a total of 374 luxury apartments featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, marble bathroom decor and maple floors. The top houses a duplex penthouse of 1,860 m² with 6-meter ceilings. The facilities within the 83,400 m² building include a first-class restaurant, health club and a swimming pool.
Condominium residencies range from $1.4 million to $14 million.
Apartments for rent range from $5,300 to $9,000 for 1 bedroom, $7,800 to $15,000 for 2 bedroom, and $16,500 for 3 bedroom.

The immense height of the building was made possible by the acquisition of air rights from the nearby plot owners. The resulting design led to intense campaigning against the tall building, as it was seen to block views from other residential towers in the area, as well as violating the ruling of new high-rises not exceeding the height of the nearby United Nations Secretariat. Despite the opposition, the building was topped out on August 3, 2000 and completed the next year according to the original design. The controversy was, however, a catalyst for the (eventually ill-fated) Unified Bulk Program Zoning Amendment that was aimed at reducing the height of new construction in the city.
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