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Davis, Brody & Assoc.


FDR Drive between East 25th and East 30th Streets.






brick cladding built on a platform on East River


Apartment Building




The four apartment towers include 1,470 housing units, some completed as subsidised for medium- and lower income residents (although one whole tower was originally conceived as subsidised). The towers are clad in large red brickwork with streaks of black in spandrels, with the chamfered and nichéd corners changing to bold cantilevered protrusions in upper floors to house the larger apartments. The complex also houses 25 duplex townhouses. 

The central plaza with the lower-level river promenades (around the edges of the 2-level garage for 700 cars) is paved in large concrete slabs and has sparse landscaping. On the shoreside of the plaza, in a building facing Manhattan, are the numerous grocery stores, barbershops etc. of the community. As with the towers, also in other buildings, as well as stairs and walkways, red brick is the predominant material. 

As an independent entity on the complex, the U.N. International School (Harrison, Abramovitz & Harris, 1973) occupies the south-eastern tip of the platform. The school was built here by the city as an isolated unit (undoubtedly also due to security reasons) after disputes about its inclusion to the emerging First Avenue United Nations "neighbourhood". 

The only direct connection to Manhattan (if one doesn't count the connection to the motorway from the garage) is by a pedestrian bridge leading over the FDR motorway at 25th Street, effectively isolating the complex from the rest of the city. 

Waterside Plaza in New York Adds Zipcars as a Tenant Amenity

New York's Only Car Sharing Company Brings Unique Service to Tenants and the Local Community in One of Manhattan's Premiere High-rises.

NEW YORK, Jan. 11 -- With luxury apartments springing up all over the city, developers and property managers are finding it's harder than ever to stay ahead of the competition. However, savvy developers and property managers are stepping up to the challenge, enticing would-be residential and commercial tenants with unique tenant amenities, such as a fleet of Zipcars, that truly complement the New York lifestyle. To further differentiate their properties, Waterside Plaza has reached an agreement with Zipcar-a new twist on traditional car rental companies, offering vehicles for rent by the hour or by the day-to place vehicles on site and actively co-market the car sharing service and concept to residents.

Waterside residents who adopt Zipcar's atypical, membership-based car rental service will share a Toyota Prius hybrid and Ford Escape SUV. Because of Waterside's special relationship with Zipcar, residents will receive discounted memberships for only $25, which is $150 less than Zipcar's standard joining fees. In addition, businesses and non-tenants living and working in the community are encouraged to rent the Waterside vehicles as well. Waterside joins Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant Town and City Lights in Long Island City who already offer their residents access to Zipcar vehicles onsite.

"Zipcar is incredibly popular because it provides all the convenience, freedom and luxury of owning a car without any of the hassle," said Zipcar Regional VP Julian Espiritu. "Now Waterside Plaza residents, and those who live and work in the surrounding area, can use Zipcars for all of their hourly or daily traveling needs such as shopping, client meetings, or weekend trips upstate."

In addition to the vehicles conveniently located at Waterside Plaza, residents will have access to all Zipcars throughout the New York metropolitan area, as well as Boston and Washington, DC.

"The Zipcars will not only reduce parking demand and congestion, but they will provide Waterside residents and the local community a significant lifestyle upgrade," said Waterside Plaza Managing Partner Peter Davis. "Local United Nations employees are also particularly excited about the new cars since Zipcar, unlike some other rental car companies, accepts foreign driver licenses."

Zipcar offers over twenty different car makes and models, including Toyota Prius gas/electric hybrids, MINI Coopers, BMW 325i's, Pickup Trucks and Volkswagen Jettas. Members simply reserve online or over the phone, let themselves in with their Zipcard, and drive away. In New York, Zipcars cost as little as $8.50 an hour or $65 a day. Reservations include insurance, gas, and even the car's assigned parking spot, which members can use for the duration of their reservation. Zipcars are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and since it is completely self-service, there are never any lines or paperwork to fill out. Members can reserve a Zipcar minutes or up to a year in advance at, or by calling 1-866-4ZIPCAR.

About Zipcar

Zipcar was founded in 1999. Since 2000, when Zipcars first hit the road, more than 30,000 consumers and small business drivers ages 21+ have joined. Zipcar currently operates more than 400 vehicles in seven states and 21 cities, including Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. For a convenient and cost effective car rental experience or to learn more visit