New York Architecture Images- Gone / Demolished / Destroyed

New York Produce Exchange


Leopold Eidlitz, second George Post.




First demolished circa 1880, second 1884-1957.




steel frame, masonry cladding


Office Building


Above- the original castle-like Produce Exchange (designed by Leopold Eidlitz), demolished circa 1880.

The replacement, demolished 1957.
The main hall
New York Produce Exchange - fronting on Bowling Green; organized 1861; $3,000,000 building, 307 by 150 ft., occupied 1884; clock tower, 40 by 70 and 240 ft. high; trading room, 2nd floor, 220 by 144 ft. and 60 ft. high, daily scene of the largest volume of trading in grain and provisions of any exchange in the world; 2,140 members, representing every important shipping centre in America. Important factor in improvement of the waterfront and the building of the $101,000,000 barge-canal across New York State. John Aspegren, President.

While this naturally afforded Franklin an incredible vantage for commercial power, it would soon place him in the crosshairs of political power as well. In later years he would be most proud of his Exchange days, priding himself in being one of the encouraging voices to tear down the inadequate castle-like Produce Exchange (designed by Leopold Eidlitz) and erecting the larger, more impressive George Post-designed Produce Exchange building near Bowling Green (which itself would be sadly torn down in 1957).