New York Architecture Images- Central Park



Jacob Wrey Mould 1825-1886 • England


Central Park West at W67


Sheepfold: Constructed 1870
Converted to Restaurant: 1934


High Victorian Gothic  
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Grandiose in everyway, Tavern on the Green is Central Park’s largest and most flamboyant fine dining restaurant. Located to the west of the Sheep Meadow on 67th Street, it is difficult to imagine that this Victorian Gothic red brick and stone structure originally housed a shepherd and his flock of 200 sheep that used to graze upon the adjacent Sheep Meadow. In 1934, this former Sheepfold was converted into a restaurant, which became a fashionable institution for New Yorkers during the many decades to
follow. By the early ‘70s, Tavern on the Green had fallen out of favor as well as out of sync with the times, forcing it to close its doors in 1974. Thankfully, in 1976 the doors reopened, when the late Warner LeRoy became the proprietor, giving it a newfound popularity. Known for its festive atmosphere it serves more than half a million patrons a year. Its location, size and setting have attracted many of New York’s prestigious events such
as, Broadway show openings and film premieres.
There are now six elaborately decorated dining rooms:
The Crystal Room, The Chestnut Room, The Park Room, The Rafters Room, The Terrace Room and a Crystal Gazebo each offering a unique dining experience. The embellishments feature antique prints, etched mirrors, Tiffany glass and crystal chandeliers. Waiting at the red canopied
entrance of the restaurant are horse drawn carriages waiting for passengers. Standing tall in the garden outside the glass enclosure of the Crystal Room are large theatrical topiary animals, including a reindeer, an elephant and a gorilla. At night, the Tavern on the Green is aglow with hundreds of lanterns
and thousands of tiny lights in trees and bushes, on the sculpted animals and along the building. A special time of the year is the Christmas
holiday season when the restaurant is all decked out with elaborate decorations making it a sight to behold. The restaurant offers a
wide range of dishes attracting tourists and locals alike to this favorite landmark.






Tavern on the Green Gardens


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