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WTC gallery   images from September 11th, 2001.   more images   images of reactions from around the world
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Singer Building gallery   Penn Station   Flatiron gallery   Washington Square Arch gallery
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Park Row Building
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"Tallest building in the world!!"   30 under 30 The Watch List of Future Landmarks   Giralda Towers in the United States   Stalinist Architecture inspired by the Municipal Building
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Chronology of Styles in New York Architecture   Art Deco Metalwork   Highline Gallery One   Highline Gallery Two 



New York Architecture Images- Notes


  New York Architecture Booklist
  New York Architecture To See
fascist architecture influences on Philip Johnston


area histories

times square history 1- signage

times square history 2- hookers, short history

times square history 3- longer history


Historical notes on Hell's Kitchen

Click here for some notes on the Hudson River Park walk.

Short history of Columbia University


Short history of Harlem


New York Neighbourhood Guide



Click here for Article- "Bed-Stuy on the Move" by Mathias Echanove

Click here for a typical Bed-Stuy family history

Click here for an in depth Greenpoint history.

-click here for some early Williamsburg photographs.

-click here for a more detailed Williamsburg history.

logo for Greenpoint-Williamsburg Land Use and Waterfront Plan -click here for the Williamsburg Land Use and Waterfront Plan

-click here for some notes on the different Orthodox Jewish sects.

Prospect Park history





The Dutch Contribution to New York's Vocabulary


NYC's First Apartment Dwellers: The Lenape Indians

Notes from the underground in New York

new york travel notes- things a tourist would find useful.....

A Woody Allen walking tour of New York City



  historic texts


New York City Above Forty Second Street 
1936 New York City Below Forty-Second Street 
1936 New York - The Greatest American City
1936 Some New York City Hotels
1936 The Vicinity Of New York
1936 Suggestions About Restaurants In New York City
1900 New York City Landmarks
1900 New York City - The Approach From The Sea